Dallas Girl Meet's Thai Heaven - Family Thais Review

As a Dallas gal, I'm always on the lookout for the next best spot to catch my culinary fix while I'm on the go. Life in the big city moves fast, and you don't always have time to sit down and relax when eating a delicious Thai meal. 

Perhaps hunger hits you as you wait for the DART near the West End District and you're stuck between eating at The Golden Arches and waiting for takeout. The DART is a long ride ahead and you don't have the willpower to wait. 

I've been in both situations and both times found solace in the open doors of Family Thais Asian Bistro.

A Taste of Thai in the Big City

The first time I ate out at Family Thais, it was a brisk Fall day. I was on my short lunch break but knew I needed something filling to get me through the rest of my shift at the office.

I had seen Family Thais in passing from the DART station I took to and from work but hadn't given it a shot. Thai is one of my favorite cuisines, so I knew it was going to take a lot to make me call the restaurant one of my regular spots.

From the moment I walked through the doors, the rich aromatics and sound of sizzling veggies and meats hit my senses like a mallet.

We were in the heart of Downtown Dallas, but the decor and vibes screamed authentic Thai. From the beautiful umbrellas hanging above our heads to the family style seating in the middle of the small restaurant, I knew I was in for something special.

A Thai Menu for Every Craving

Like I said. I love Thai food. Nothing beats a spicy Massaman Curry or a platter of Drunken Noodles loaded with chicken and plenty of heat. As I approached the counter to order, I perused the menu online, wondering where my taste buds and their options may take me. 

I was taken aback at just how much this restaurant had going on in its kitchen. From hot appetizers, to a multitude of traditional Thai soups, to the most traditional noodle dishes, this restaurant seemed to have it all. However, since I was trying somewhere new, I decided to fall back on some old faithfuls. Call me basic, but I just had to see if this place could accomplish the basics before I tried something more complex.

I made it to the counter, and made my order; steamed pork dumplings, chicken Pad Thai (spice level 2), and a Thai coffee to guarantee I'd make it to 5 pm. 

With my order placed and a fair price paid, I took a seat at one of the open tables and waited a few minutes for the chef to call out my meal.

The Verdict?

I had to rush back to the office to eat at my desk. My stomach grumbled with anticipation and I couldn't sit down and open the food trays fast enough. 

Enter dumpling bite one. Steamed, soft, hot, and savory. The ground pork mixed with the soy vinegar sauce presented an explosion of flavor that let me know those five morsels would be gone in a heartbeat. They were hands-down the best dumplings I'd ever had.

Onto the Pad Thai. I knew what to expect. I knew what I wanted from this dish. I wanted something meaty, spicy and nutty. Family Thais succeeded on all fronts. The spice level was perfect, the meat tender, the noodles sauced to perfection. When I think of Thai street food, this level of flavor is what I'm talking about.

Family Thai is now one of my "usual spots." I've tried most of the big-ticket items on their menu and nothing has disappointed me yet. The next time you find yourself on the West End District of Dallas and need something quick between breakfast and your big steak dinner, check out Family Thais Asian Bistro for a blend of culture and flavor that will exceed your expectations.

Raquel Boston, Dallas, TX: Raquel is a thai food fan who has sampled many restaurants ranging from Thai takeout to fine dining Thai restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth.