Explore Regional Thai Cuisine at Family Thais in Dallas

Sure, Pad Thai is delicious – but it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing Thai cuisine. Thai food has quickly become one of the "hottest" orders for people wanting a break from the average. Although Family Thais Asian Bistro was born near Dallas's West End District, our roots lie beyond American soil.

If you're ready for a culinary adventure that is spicy, sweet, sour, and deeply satisfying, let's go on a journey together to explore the origins of regional Thai cuisine. 

Regional Thai Delights

Khao Soi: A Northern Thai specialty! Creamy coconut curry broth, tender egg noodles, and your choice of protein. Toppings like pickled mustard greens and shallots take it to another level.

Miang Kham: These "one-bite wraps" are so fun! Fill betel leaves with toasted coconut, peanuts, ginger, lime, and chilies. They're sweet, tangy, and explosive with flavor.

Digging into Regional Curries: Did you know Thailand has more curries than just the green or red you see in some restaurants? Explore the rich, herbal flavors of Southern Massaman curry or venture into the fiery territory of Issan cuisine.

Thailand tantalizes travelers with far more than idyllic beaches and ornate temples; it's a culinary wonderland.  A symphony of sweet, sour, spicy, and salty flavors burst from kitchens across the country. Yet, within this vibrant tapestry, each region weaves its unique culinary story.

Northern Regional Thai Cuisine, Where Herbs and Spices Reign

Northern Thailand, home to the ancient Lanna kingdom, shares culinary influences with neighboring Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. Its dishes dance with a delicate balance of herbs and spices.

Here, you'll encounter the warming aromas of Khao Soi, a creamy curried noodle soup with a delightful interplay of crispy and soft textures. Are you in love with Thai spice? Don't miss Sai Oua, a grilled sausage infused with lemongrass and fiery chiles.

Fermented flavors also shine, as found in Naem, a sour pork sausage packed with aromatics.

Spicy Thai from the Southern Region  

The South beckons with a vibrant world of flavors. Coconut milk simmers in pots, creating creamy havens for fresh seafood and aromatic spices. Yellow curries sing with an extra kick of spice, while Massaman curry weaves hints of Indian inspiration with its potatoes and rich flavors.

Don't shy away from the fiery Gaeng Som, a sour curry alive with the tang of tamarind and the relentless heat of chiles.  And, of course, no Southern feast is complete without the salty-sweet symphony of shrimp paste and chili dipping sauce called Nam Prik Kapi.

Regional Thai Cuisine Right Here in Dallas

Northeastern Thailand, also known as Issan, boasts a cuisine built on fermented flavors and a touch of fiery heat, many of which can be found on our menu in Dallas.

Sticky rice is the centerpiece, paired with dishes designed to awaken your taste buds. Som Tam, the renowned green papaya salad, delivers a punch of sour lime, salty fish sauce, and a healthy dose of chiles.

Grilled meats and fish feature prominently as well, often marinated in vibrant blends of garlic, herbs, and a special kind of fermented fish sauce called Pla Ra.  The adventurous will crave a taste of Larb, a spicy minced meat salad that bursts with textures and flavors.

Spice Up Your Life With Family Thais

Regional Thai cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, waiting to take you on a delicious journey across the country.  If you long to explore the depths of bold, complex, and satisfying dishes, it's time to move beyond the familiar and experience the true essence of regional Thai food.

Ready to unlock the secrets of regional Thai cuisine?  Family Thais Asian Bistro is your passport to authentic flavors without the need to hop a flight. Our menu is designed to showcase the unique specialties of different regions, taking you from the lush North to the fiery South.  Join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure!

Contact us to learn more, or stop in at our restaurant located right next to the West End DART station!